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Electroplating services

Items : Jewelry, Watches (case, strap, strap buckle, watch hands etc) and smart wear ornaments
Species : Ag, PCP, PNP, PG, 18K(No Cadmium), 23K, Rhodium(RhP) and in line with the European Union Standards EN1811:2011 + A1:2015 (No Nickel Plating)
Tone : Ag、1N14、2N18、PINK GOLD、RhP and customer-specified tone

Standard full batch completion period: (First batch delivery,early delivery during the said period)

Hong Kong Transaction
(Hong Kong<==>China)
Domestic transfer to other factory
(Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou nearby areas)
Full electroplating products 5 days 3 days
Semi electroplating products or alternate electroplating products 7 days 5 days
(Depending on the number of orders,we will notify and confirm after shipment)

Quality inspection implementation

  • X-Ray Testing

  • Cutting Testing

  • Bending Testing

  • Wearable Testing

  • Corrosion Testing (artificial sweat, salt water, salt spray, ammonia, nitric acid, corrosion resistance, sodium sulfide) / Function / Exterior or Visual / Color)

  • Functional Testing

  • Exterior or Visual Testing

  • Color Testing