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Sky Technology has been focusing and concentrating in electroplating technology, we keep improving and improving, we achieved a record of “zero“ defect products which was produced in our factory. Service to achieve the perfect level, so that customers do not need to worry about any problems or quality of the productions.

All our environmental protection equipments and safety operation systems are approved and certified by the Environmental Protection Bureau in China. We also received honours and awards in their regular supervision all these years. We are also one of the best and an excellent renown electroplating factory within the industry. In the constant to pursuit the quality, price, lead time, delivery time, quality control delivery services (Q.C.D.S.) etc all aspects of innovation under the orientation, we will continue to strive for self-improvement and devoted to provide dedicated services. We will always maintain our “Self-Confidence, Perfection, Fairness, and Caring“ as our mission in order to provide an outstanding service in gold plating and silver plating process to maintain our high-quality precious metal plating products and services within the watch, jewelry and leather industries.