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Sky Technology Company Limited (“Sky Technology”) was established in 1990. To act in the concert with the Chinese government's urban planning and development to move the industrial areas to the North; Sky Technology set up our new factory Sky Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited (“Sky Technology SZ”) in the Longgang District in Shenzhen. It has bring a huge convenience to our customers because we can speed up the domestic settlements, simplified customs clearance and shorten the transportation time for our Hong Kong and domestic customers to provide better service.

Sky Technology is composition by a group of well educated, great experience with business management background senior executives and a group of well trained experience technicians from Japan. We also have good experience in doing business overseas so that we have great supports from overseas customers all these years.

With the needs of the company growth, Sky Technology has reorganised in February 2017. Sky Technology is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong enterprise Anco Resources Group (“Anco”). Sky Technology SZ is remained unchanged and is directly under Sky Technology but it is now also owned Anco Resources Group after the reorganisation.