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China Office

Sky Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited is our China office and factory. It is mainly in charge of Production, Quality Control, Research and Development and new products innovation etc. Our existing business and facilities are as following:

Major Facilities

  • High-performance production line and various automatic quality control instruments

  • X-ray plating thickness gauge (FISCHER)

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer (VARIAN)

  • Cutting and plating pieces magnify machine to magnify the specimens in 1000 times (Cameras: OLYMPUS PME 3 and MEIJI)

  • Bath check control and analysis equipment

  • Environmental Protection Bureau approved quality management system, pure water treatment system and reverse osmosis circulation water system

  • Salt water sprayer and weary test plates

  • Approved, regulated and confirmation of laws and regulations in line with European Unions and United States: Approval by our factory and external institutions

Quality inspection implementation:

  • X-Ray Testing / Cutting Testing / Bending Testing / Wearable Testing / Cor-rosion Testing (artificial sweat, salt water, salt spray, ammonia, nitric acid, corrosion resistance, sodium sulfide) / Functional Testing / Exterior or Visual Testing / Color Testing)